Friday, June 20, 2008


due to dancing crazily during ballet just now
it totally brought everything away
i thank dance for everything. making life easier for me
ooh, god
during ballet just now
me and wan yu were like going super high
we were quite bored
so we started doing weird actions for the dance
so ite, we did a whole retarded dance and class didnt bother about us
anws, we were planning maybe we can do a cover of the dance
like a comedy of the ballet
like a 'show'
HAHA, it'll be so amusing
but we'll just need a vid cam, a studio and music
well, that's.... alot
oh wells, we'll see
but i really like the idea

my feet is peeling luh
omg, don tell me it's growing again=[[
so big alr

and i shall make it all up 2day
get rid of the sadness
my mum was looking at my leg and ask me to control
so i was complaining to her that my leg is dman fat
but it's all muscle
then i said something quite mean
erm like...
aiya, as a dancer ur leg fat is understandable, as long as mine is the slimmest in ballet can alr
but really, i just wish my upper body is hot that's all.
yknow wan yu's body is like super curvacious
ya i noe she's like 20 but still

b4 i go on
i hate ppl to ask me 'how are you'
the obvious ans would be 'fine'
like i don noe you well then u still ask those type of qn
i realize im quite unfriendly on msn
and qn like 'wad are you doing'
i'll go 'the usual stuff'
then they'll go 'wad are the usual stuff'
it's so annoying! so i go 'im friendstering, blogging and youtubing'
no wait, mostly i'll just say blogging, cuz im lazy
mm, ya
oh wait, they always like to say im like so free
im not lor..
back to story

went to northpoint to eat
another retarded me
you noe kungfu panda?
the one on top is the panda (duh)
and the one below is a... the teacher... ya
cuz we went to macs afterwards cuz xiang was still kinda hungry
but macs no space so went to kfc instead
oh wait, kfc is like hell
i think the air con was switched off alr
so it was so stuffy and hot inside
oh anws, outside macs
there were some kungfu panda drawings that some kids coloured alr

gor: the panda damn easy to colour luh
zhen: ya, just colour all brown
zhen: OMG WAIT!!! HAHA, i mistook the teacher as the panda. omg
gor: mummy look, this is a panda(pointing at the teacher)
zhen: (grobe bro's ass)

then on the way back
i took out my phone
the time was 11:11

zhen: ooh, it's 11:11, someone's thinking of me
mum: so zhun
zhen: and 4:44 means someone is talking bad things bout you
mum: how bout 3:33, 2:22..
zhen: i don noe, i only this two timings
zhen: i noe 7:77, it's when u earn alot of money. same as black jack
zhen: OH WAIT!! there's no 7:77. HAHHHAA, omg, it stops at 5:55

-_- gimme that face now
so it proves that
yknow my msn nick is im proud to be retarded
then weird ppl come ask me 'you retarded"
i've probably gave a bad i pression to them

oh ya yesterday this french guy talked to me in french
and i totally dont understand a word he says

him: you foto? (i suppose he was asking whether i have a pic of myself cuz my dp is the PENGUIN=]])
zhen: no im not a foto
him: ok
him: you cam?
zhen: wad cam? web cam? camera?
him: ya you cam? camera? ( wad's that suppose to mean)
zhen: no im not a cam.

sry, it was just quite amusing for me yesterday
since yesterday was a bad day
anws, im gonna get my passport 2moro
time to see how ugly i look. hmmm

oh ya, the # 2 will come up soon=D

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