Saturday, June 21, 2008

stufff we do when we're young #2

all kinds of food
i play with noodles, porridge, bread and a lot more i swear

if i cant finish my porridge, i would cut my porridge into portion
i know the line would disappear soon but i don care
so i treated my porridge like pizza
and i ate it 'slice' by 'slice'
or whenever im doing something weird with my porridge
my bro would go 'mummy! jie jie is playing with her food again'
cuz i do disgusting stuffs
eat with my hands, i bet everyone does that!!!
and spit it out, and take it as 'baby food'
HAHA, i know ure extremely disgusted
but that's the truth

apply many weird stuff on the bread
not shit that is
then fold it, roll it
try out many diff patterns on my bread
it's so fun to be young!!

i remeber my brother laughing so hard till a noodle came out of his nose when he sneezed

gross... but it was DAMN FUNNY!!

and when we cook maggie noodle, we dont just put the seasoning

sometimes we find some crap from the fridge and add it in

for e.g: black pepper sauce, cheese, mayo

all kinds of crap

taste good actually

(i think im like making up for those times when im young and don get to blog bout it.)

ooh, this is the best
our parent gave us half a water melon to play with
so we lay the newspaper on the floor and start digging!!
we eat and played
we put the watermelon bits in a cup and squeeze out the juice
once, i was drinking the juice and my bro made me laugh so hard that i..
spat the juice on their faces
WHOO, that was fun
i was laughing like crazy...
ta-da, there are loads more but yup, this is the summary of it.

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