Sunday, June 8, 2008

ok, word post first, pics later.
cuz im using the com
damn it, why cant xiang stop being such a slacker
keep playing maple
and yknow nowadays he super rude to me!!!!
eew, that was so bimbotic.

oh ya
i just got back from northpoint
i wanted to buy a pair of shoes, shades and top
but ughhhh
i didnt
mummy say next week
but anws, better then nothing
great singapore sales. YES!!!!!
im gonna buy
-swimming costume
but if only my mummy is around
i hope she allows though
yay!!! omg, im so happy now
not becuz of the shopping part
eh wait, partially
but wadeva!!! ahh i can totally show off my teeth now=DDD

yea yea, after dinner, xiang and papa went home
as usual, cuz they arent the shopping type
so yeah
i bought socks only-_-

zhen: (looks at price tag of socks: $8.90!!)OMG! EH MUMMY! THIS PAIR OF SOCK COSTS $8.90! SO EXPENSIVE LUH
mummy: wad?
gor: tsk, did you read the thing on top?
the thing on top: 3 for $8.90
zhen: oops, HAHHAHAHHAHA

i was so blur today
then i was looking at this boxers
guys boxer

zhen: eh!! why the boxers in front got button??
gor: cuz... haiz nvm, put back
zhen: no why? you see on top got no opening
mummy: haiz, just put back
zhen: no, eh
continued for 6 times....
zhen: why got button then got no opening on top???
gor: just put back luh!!

it was damn funny
after that, we went starbucks=]
while trying to take a pic
my mum sweep my fringe away
i didnt want it
and i was biting on to the straw
so ite, i spilled coffee on myself
yes, thank you, i feel extra stupid 2day

mummy: cuz if guys and girls same age, there would be same level of... frequency.
zhen: no, same level of stupidness
we were talking bout bgr
it was super spastic
in the bus, it was even funnier
i was sitting in front, beside this girl (stranger)
then gor and mummy was sitting behind
then i just wanted to hear wad they are saying luh

gor: last time my head was bigger, now not so big already ( it's so -_-. HAHAHAHA. AND I HAVE A PIC OF HIM.)
mum: big head guys are usually smart
zhen: (fake cough.) WAD?! ( i said it not looking at them)
mum: HAHAHA, got ppl k-po

oh then afterwards
we started talking bout zen
oh never ending
i was laughing like crazy
laughing at wad im ABOUT to say
mum: got someone very talkative
gor: ya

eh no lor, it gets me so excited to talk bout zen having no more balls
gor: go home then talk
zhen: no wait...
gor: go home then talk luh!
zhen: eeyer...

after getting down the bus
mummy: the girl sitting beside you VERY poor thing

smita say after shitting, her tummy become flatter
so i should try to shit later
erm... ya, wait for the pics post later on
my bro say he wants to use till 1am


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