Tuesday, June 24, 2008

new term, new time table, new gay teachers.

sope! went to B.K with 2 bucks
but i did not buy anything, just koped fries from hui ping and min yee
so yay, i hope i save 2 bucks=]
my bro just got back from prawning
yes, prawning, where you fish for prawns.

oh then min yee was smacking hui ping boobs (vice versa) on the mrt
zhen: eh dont, later the public go complain 'bad conduct of students... smacking of boobs'
you know, i really wonder if the public would go complain
i would just laugh
i don think we're the only ppl who smack boobs
ive done it so many times alr, maybe the public just shy don wanna complain bout that then go find some excuse that we got bad uniform. tsk tsk tsk.

and wad's becoming of the world. i say b4 right, guys are becoming more girly and hp say this was on the news.
some p3 girl sex with some p3 boy then the girl was pregnant
i was quite surprise, the girl so fast puberty and got eggs
and the guy so fast have sperms
tsk tsk. so young. in s'pore somemore.

ah yes my new partner, olivia
so smart, though SUPER pressured, she can help me. HAHA
poor smita sitting right in front

either: hancock/wanted/get smart/you dont want to mess with the zohan
OMG, i reallly wanna watch zohan
but how to sneak in!!
if smita buys the tickets, confirm need i.c.
she's so.... small. like a p5. lol
cute luh, i never say it's a bad thing=]
but then i also wanna watch other 3.
get smart seems funny

im completing an essay now
some crappy love story


omg, keziah have this whatever man dot dot dot thing with some hand action
2day we created one that's much bigger
ahaha, so retarded.
ok never
i go bathe
i stink so smelly

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