Friday, June 13, 2008


im eating canned tuna now
it taste like zen's food
well, zen actually prefers human tuna to cat tuna
i think
anyhow, he loves sleeping in boxes nowadays
idk why

i hate to wake up not becuz i want to
either i:
-need to pee
-too much noise from the stupid construction. it's only 12 pm!! ppl still need to slp!!
-phone ring too many times
-forgot to switch off alarm
-zen obstructing my sleep (quite seldom, cuz i 4bid him to sleep with me. he takes up a whole lot of space on my bed!)
-i dreamt i was going to the toilet and.... ya... (seldom)

and ya i know
i should be doing my work
but.... i got no mood

i miss drawing on myself when im bored
cuz u see, i seldom hold a pen nowadays
i miss those awkwardness, or do i?? hmmmm
ok, right, nvm
music shall acc this lonely soul now.

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