Sunday, June 1, 2008

it's just you and me
and all of the people and i don know why
i cant keep my eyes off of you.

i haven done anything useful day
it sucks feeling useless
but i think i should start some hw?
that sucks even more
it takes some time getting use to this change

omg, zen just got a full name. zen seet!=] COOL
can u stop aiming PURELY for my leg only
like even when i hide behind my dad or bro
he will just zoom pass their's and ka boom, attack mine only
so in the house, you'll just hear me squeaking away
and yes i do, i squeak
uh huh, i 4got something
zen was suppose to be 'castrated' last fri
but idk why he didnt
but my mum say next week would be the time to get under the knife.
so hopefully by then
he'll be less calm and not attack me!
stupid sexist
wad does sexist mean?
i don noe, i anyhow use. oppsy

zen was training he's stamina just now
he was playing with this useless cloth and run from one end of the house to the other end and back again
'that sounds like fun?!'
i bet he was trying to learn from me
i just love it when zen's hair are all puffed up and his eyes are just humongous

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