Saturday, June 7, 2008

if you haven read the newspaper.
this is wad i saw
her motha fishing boobs weighs a bloody 9kg!!!!
and duh, it's fake. dun worry
she went to make it this big cuz....
she's a porn star. that explains it.=]
and male readers. pls don get horny in front of my web.
xiang: then the guys will get suffocated
i have no idea wad that meant but i just laughed.
ate dinner at yishun
then when my mummy came, i show her the pic
zhen: eh you see
mum: cannot see luh (cuz she wasnt wearing her specs)
mum: (but, right after she turn her head...) wah, so big.
HAHAHA, so funny

i 4got to blog bout sweet things

ok, first up
amelia cheng cheng cheng
my bimbo
i was quite touched by her actions actually
cuz the other time after lunch break, we have the usual sleeping period
for like 15 mins
so we lied in each others leg
in a circle
then my head kept falling backwards
but she help to push my head back onto her lap
so sweet right!!
omg. i was so touched while sleeping

then another thing, the only sweet thing my bro had done
he asked me to call him when i get home
cuz on fri, he and my lil'bro going to my ah ma house, but i have ballet
so i went home
so sweet!! ahhh
i do take notice of such sweet actions.


i mean, everyone can walk in a str line, but i actually meant...
the legs being in a str line
you see guys walking with legs open right
nvm if you don get me
well, it's all becuz
they have something there to block them while girls do not
so girls can walk nicely at ease =]
well, some guys do walk like girls
which are gays
explanation: either their dicks are too small (which results them to become gay) or they don have (poor eunuch)
i feel quite uncomfortable seeing guys walking in a str line with butt squeezed tight 2gether

and my bro stated another good point
girls like to wear FBT but dont like others to look at them
however, fat girls like to wear FBT to show off their pig legs
i have not much opinion bout this cuz i don own one
but i do agree
wad's the point of wearing your fbt so high and not wanting cheekopehs to look at your legs?
if you get rape, uh huh, kinda deserve it.
oh wadeva, i got no rights to comment bout this anws

i suaned my bro for being short just now
my mum scold me for being cruel
but she was laughing

i going out to watch KUNGFU PANDA LATER!!
at 1135 i think

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