Sunday, June 8, 2008

i got back my ballet results 2day

got distinction
but my teacher say it's 70 ++ only
im damn sad can
70 +++ ONLY!!!!!

colours rule my life
the butterfly is random can. it says ''
anyways, kungfu panda was really retarded
and my fren spelt kungfu as kongfu
ya, jackie chan (de monkey) hardly spoke!!!
i could remember one line he said 'he cant even see his toes!'
which applies to the panda
cuz he's stomach is too fat, so he cant even see his own toes
jack black is totally the right person for the movie
crazy person=]
but i like the leopard's voice
so sexy!!!
wait, izzit a leopard?? i don noe
ya, i think the baddy so cool!!!
next week i thot i would be quite free but nah
mon-out with smita=]
tue-in sch to learn how to be a stone. no i meant lion head (shi tou-it means lion head but i pronouce differently and it means stone too)
wed-erm, free
fri-ballet, as usual

so yeah
i shall do my hw on wed
wad movie should i watch 2moro??
i want to watch sex in the city but it's bloody m18
im not even 16 yet

and i think i sound quite lifeless here. oops

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