Saturday, June 14, 2008

i get angry and happy when i talk to you

i still haven gotten the craze over jie ling=]
eh, but still, it cooled down=] yay

how dyou still expect me to smile as usual
anws, im going shopping later!!!=]] yipeee
and omg, zen cant even let me pee at ease
oh ya, i hate waking up just bcuz i need to pee
that is wad happened this morning
i dont wanna wake up luh, but i needed to pee... badly
oh ya, back to zen
he kept chasing me and like i ran into the toilet
he also chase inside
so i led him to my mum's room and quickly rush to the toilet
no one would ever want to see me running away from zen
it's pretty retarded and super ugly
like really, i'll be running and jumping
can u imagine that? dont
oh wait, or do i do all that already
oh well, nvm.

yes, those are my baby fats.

im about to say....
ok nvm
im burning in the obs tee.
slept at 3 last nite
cuz someone was really sad
yeah, and he thot im the only one awake
so yeah
go eat choco, don be sad
omg, so hot
i really need to bathe
and do my newspaper article
i haven started on any yet
kill me
bye bye=]

oh ya, another weird song ( i refrain from using the word retarded)
i have no idea wad the song is about
but it goes 'that's not my name, that's not my name, that's not my... name'
'you call me stacey..... bla bla bla'
i think stacey is a slutty name
i hated a stacey last time
when i was all so childish
but oh well... retard song luh.
i never knew i could hurt like this
and everyday life goes on like
i wish i could talk to you for awhile
i wish i could find a way not to cry
as time goes by...
OMG, MC's bye bye damn nice can. or rather the chorus part.
love it love it love it!!!

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