Thursday, June 19, 2008

we didnt really gave birth to ourselves didnt we
ppl give us presents for being BORNED
but i think we should thank our mummies for suffering that pain in giving birth to us
i know im extremely random but it's true rite?=]]

now let me get this straight, you do suck

and damn, they were right

wad did i see in the first place anws.

gosh, i must be so stupid

err, the yellow line wasnt really drawn well....=/
went to sunplaza for lunch
omg, i think xiang is eating lesser then me
i feel fat...
he slim down alot can
oh i think uzap do help a little=]]

oh and on the way home, there was this dog that kept barking

zhen: why does the dog keep barking
mum: don know. eh now stop alr
zhen: oh becuz of mua
gor: COUGH

after walking for 5mins

mum: the bark come back alr
zhen: becuz mua is out of sight alr.=]
mum: aiyo...
HAHAHA, i think it's so amusing

im really piss now
and i don care whether that person reads this or not

i wont put this in any other blog

why explain so much anw?


why care so much, then all of the sudden comment

'i made a mistake'

so im suppose to handle all this shit when u're having ur bad mood day?

i so knew this would come again

but i don care a shit u say anymore
so much for being a counsellor
where's ur fucking patience
stop thinking ure right
how many wake up calls have u received?
which is the real one?
or are u forever never gonna wake up
why should i care. 4get it

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