Monday, June 23, 2008

guess wad!!
im doing my lit hw
(oh wait, my font looks weird. does it? okon second thot, it doesnt)

anws, ya
i should get back to it=]
first day of sch: S-L-A-C-K
that's all i have to say
rest of the sch days: D--I--E (cuz of lack of brain cells)
mmmhmm, im awaiting youth day
oh ya, the other post i wrote there's youth day today rite
so sry to get back to you so late
i was wrong so ya
i hope nth wrong happen
cuz my mum took leave and, i had to go to sch, so it was wasted
omg, freaking sleepy now
but finish up ur hw manzxxzxz!!! (that's for me)

dian thought of a nice name for me =]

oh wait, it was pei qi
HHA, sry wrong person.
and it shall motivate cum inspire me from now on
to have faith in myself and everyone!!=D

ok ciao.

bla bla bla bla bla
zhen: you can call me.... seet
(i love spongebob, wwe and i hate squids or anything tat has tentacles)
that's my intro for my new eng teacher, OMG!! I MISS SIOW JR CAN, SO MUCH BETTER. HAIZ... THIS NEW ONE... k nvm. quite, yawny...

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