Saturday, June 21, 2008

erm, it's quite nc 16
HAHAH, i think it's very funny. but quite senseless

step up2 dance prank.

u see, im bored
so im youtubing again
my bro's going to a bbq 2day
and another one 2moro
i ask him to bring me he dont want


anws, got my passport alr
had a very BADD tummy ache
like it comes for a while
and it goes

god damn it!!
why are you so irritating!!
wont this suffering ever end
and i don noe whyi cant stop thinking bout it

i really wanna learn other dances if possible
or given the chance to.
and zen is so irritating
cuz he keeps wanting to jump out of the window
i don mean those that jump will die
the window that leads to the corridor
my bro says when guys talk to girls
they will scan the girls
say it's natural??
i think it's quite funny
but even for me, i'll scan ppl wad
cuz i love ppl watching=D

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