Saturday, June 7, 2008

cam-whoring last nite
and that kept me up till 2
i have no idea why i didnt feel tired last nite at all
slept at two. but i actually woke up at 10!!!
omg. i cant believe myself=]

ok, pics first
oh oh, other then cam-whoring. i was painting my nails. that explains it. HAHA, i forgot. my left hand
my right!! the right one is kinda screwed, cuz im a right hander you see
ok, then i started cam-whoring with my pretty nails=]
a lil high

my fav pic=] breadstick pen!!!

so im bored at home now
and i had no idea tila tequila was such a whore!
i mean, i don dislike her or anything
i like the way she does thing
but i don think she minds ppl calling her that.
she has a hot body no doubt.
she's bi. that's crazily cool
ok, anws, if you don noe who she is.
just go youtube to type her name..
warning: kids under 15 should not watch=]
im not 15 yet. heee
i ask him to bring me to his sch gym 2day
gor: crazy luh, you think i have the key to the room meh, and there would be other ppl using too right
tsk!!! then still ask me.... ughhhh
nvm... i'll be going with smita anws
just don noe when
she told me the eng hw
but i 4got again
sry smita!!!
and i smell food
haven had lunch
gtg, ta!!

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