Friday, May 16, 2008


'loads of mozzy bites'
'freaking tiring'
'damn memorable'
i cant say im tanner cuz my mum thinks that im actually fairer then b4
i wanted to grow tanner
the sunblock too good already
spf 50
friendster damn lag
yup anws, some pics first.
obs have alot alot to talk about

the orh chei (blue black) that see wei gave me due to the excitement. it's darker now
and the cut that i gotten just b4 the obs day. damn lucky rite. clearer pic below.
this was made by the eyebrow shaver. i thot the cap was on, so without looking, i hold on to the blade and pull the thing out, the next thing i noe, i was bleeding. but it didnt hurt as bad as the one zen gave me
zen gift for me b4 i left the house. it looks like a normal cut, but it's damn deep.
do i look tanner??
oh b4 that, went northpoint to buy the stuff for obs
saw alfan (badelmo)
haha, at popular=]
the next morn, i brought 2 bags to sch
then everyone was staring at me in the train like im carrying a bomb like that luh
tsk, wad's wrong pls.
then went to sch and the first thing was to find out who sarah cheong is
well, i noe that when we reach the camp site
yup, i felt quite awkward on the first day
me and dian on the bus trip to the jetty
waiting for the boats. putting sunblocks too
on the boat
=] bye bye singapore, hello pulau ubin, OBS!
then they help us keep our valuables so no more pics at obs already
no time at all, and i scared my cam would spoil
first day was like eeee, yuck, omg damn gross!!. the pads are overflowing!!!
SERIOUSLY, ppl with period stuff their pad everywhere
it's fucking digusting
then first day quite slack luh, but we were quite slow
damn, i was food ic with er hem
nvm, skip those mean details
i will go into the impt parts
we kayaked for 15 or 17km. 3/4 of pulau ubin
i was dying, never ending kayaking
oh we got butt abrasions too, from sitting on the kayak for so many hours
then assholes all damn painful
i enjoy peeing in the sea!!
it's damn shiok
seriously, but i don noe why i pee for damn long, non-stop
then we finally reach shore
the feeling was great
we had to pitch tents every night. and cook our own dinner
wasnt quite a bad sleep, and our cooking skills rock. so np
the only bad thing was the toilet, not able to bathe and shit
so many ppl got constipation k
b4 the sea expedition, we had to trek to that camp site the day b4
omg, it was damn bad
firstly, we were carrying this freaking heavy bag, i swear, super duper heavy
i love my sch bag now, nothing is heavy
then it rained, and somemore it is a bad rain, so we had to rush in the rain and go to the nearest campsite
drank ovaltine and whee, i napped. so nice luh, anywhere also can sleep
then we continued our journey
so long can
and at one part, there was this huge grp of mozzies
they totally block my view
at first there was a few, nvm, but then we walk to one extremely loads of mozzies place
damn gross
we did rock climbing too, so fun
but we didnt get to do flying fox and jetty jump
damn shiat luh. it's the most impt thing i wanna do
so skip skip all the tough parts
i love obs, suddenly, i miss armstong
oh, my watch (my grp) is armstrong
well, i miss most of them
then 2day we were damn excited to return to civillisation
when i got my phone, i felt so happy
then i bought my obs tee
and pictures
then we went back to sch and waited
so me, keziah, dian and kanice went to tiong's B.K to eat
wah, craving for fast food
we were also comparing the mozzies bite or sand fly bites.

me and keziah
even worse
haizzz, nvm. the first one still the best this is my back. i noe, DAMN GROSS RITE. im freaked out by myself too
KEZIAH!!! so who's bites are the grossiest?? pls vote
dian and kanice
OBS! omg.

i think thos small lil trekkers so cute
yep, there should be more stuff in obs but duh
im quite a lazy person
eh eh no
after obs, i become more responsible and stuff alright
so much less bimbotic. melia still the same, cuz she go for obs.
OH YA!! this one must say
i was trying to shit
like really trying damn hard k
then while shitting, i saw this fly, as big as a huge dragon fly that looks like a mozzy. SO IT'S A HUGE MOZZY, I SWEAR. THAT WAS A NIGHTMARE MOZZY.
but thanks to that, my shit came out. like i tense up then my shit came out. hehe
ya, anws, that creature is damn freaky. like where the heck does it get so much blood to drink
oh and guess wad, i smacked a mozzy!!! a small one of cuz.
that's all, i need go put cream on those bites. ahh, ITCHY!!!!!
went to sun plaza for dinner with eld'bro and mum
yep, fast food again. KFC=]
I MISS THERESA!! (my instructor)
then i told my mum i wanted to buy fake eyelashes
cuz i wanna play with it
she say play after sec 4-_-
haiya, nvm.
ahh, damn itchy! cant stand it, cannot scratch, only can pinch or beat
i go put cream
i just realize my post is damn mixed up. oopsy=]

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