Tuesday, May 20, 2008

uh huh, that is a lizard zen is torturing. click to believe. IT IS A LIZARD. kawaii ne. OMG, i was watching this vid on youtube, this girl has gigantic eyes man.
oooh, can call her gorgeous. cuz she has long hair and big boobs. but she's more of adorable. aiya!! i don noe luh. she looks ang mohish but she's pure jap. DAMN COOL

i noe i don really sound depress
cuz i haven given my mum the results i recorded yet
i didnt fail anything but my lowest marks is 50/100 can
thanks for offering ur tuition skills
but apparently my family er hem
i feel sad for those who fail
when they cry, my heart feels weird.
like crying for them also=[[
anws. i was feeling very tired throughout the whole thing
somemore got mascot dance prac after sch
went home late
like now, and damn tired
2moro is the thing already
and sec 4 dance farewell
fri got geog proj
and i still have to finish up chi proj
tell me this
yes i noe, sadly, i cant do ANYTHING. suck luh

i just made this new stranger fren
he called me and i don noe the number
i couldnt hear wad he was saying cuz we were still checking our paper in the noisy hall
so after much weird noises
he hanged up
i thot he was someone i knew
so i msg back
new fren i guess
but from nepal. weird eng
it was almost dinner then he ask me whether i eat lunch
i haven even eaten dinner he ask me to sleep early
say right...-_-
weird luh
name: roshan.

anws, i need to sleep early 2day
it's a freaking 32 degree!!!!
damn hot can
plus me at home would be much worse luh
=]]]]] jk jk

oh ya, i realize that
guys at a certain age, do not like girls' touch
cuz my eld'bro at one time do not like us to touch him
i mean his hands luh
ya, he keep flipping his hands away
or give that irritated look
but now i guess he matured and is okay with it.
BUT, it goes to my lil'bro now
it's his turn
he don like us to touch his hands
i feel damn unfair at home yknow
like wadeva i like, they purposely don like
i wanna watch mtv, they rather watch soccer
wtfish luh
then i use to like hilary duff, then my bro purposely go and hate her
like she did anything to you
well, alot more
gang up on me luh, very good. hmph!

and yknow wad
i wish you didnt just pop out and enter my world once again
unprepared and really, making me go through the same things over and over again
bad satan

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