Friday, May 23, 2008

spending that pathetic hours in sch was just crappy
anws, we go sch today, just to be cleaners

filling the pail with my water.=]]

we're to clean the hall
i started cleaning the piano first
then go into stage toilet and clean the dirty table then wipe the mirror
cleaning can find alot of things yknow
we found this white body paint, foundation and pencil
i was telling keziah and smita
zhen: eh eh!! go put the foundation on the toilet bowl then after they pee, their butt would be so flawless
true rite. yay
i help them clean the HIGH portions. HAHA
shitz, im suaning them alot. i shall not be so mean

we also cleaned the podium(which i once put my leg on b4) and the flags. dirty...
then me and keziah go all the way back to the hall and 'clean' the windows
erm, it ended damn fast
then pei qi and gang
(gang sounds damn fierce, k nvm)
they came and tell us ms loo bought something for us to eat
i was so excited!!
but when i step into class, i saw pringles and one packet of 'oreo-like' cookie on the table
i was wondering enough meh
really, there wasnt enough but, wth, the thot that counts
next week is so not holiday okay
we still need to go back to sch for the whole week till 3
worse then sch days. WTF LUH.
so i stayed back for geog proj
ms lim damn cute can
she can blend with us
she looks like a secondary student. HAHA
and finally!!! we produced something. FINALLY MAN
2moro still need to go to sch for the filming. haiz. yeah
after that, one thing done.
went to my ah ma house after that around 3 plus
actually wanted to go out with dian and co. but no time already
nvm, next time.

i was kinda of bored. hey! yknow my paint software is gone. my fav software can. so damn fun. i did this on adobe. so cheem.

so b4 going out
i was working out a very little bit
whenever i work out
i'll feel damn tired
so i somehow realize i was sleeping on the mattress when my ah ma came in and say it's gonna be 5 soon
so yeah, got out of her house and went for ballet
why is wan yu stomach damn bloody flat!!
ye jing and i are damn envious can. haiz, maybe i should turn into a vegetarian
eew, i'll miss meat like shit.

finally. ye jing passed me my birthday present. hey don be shock, my birthday aint here yet. STILL FAR FAR AWAY. it's the present since last year. HAHAHA. but anyhow, the penguin damn cute=] i like

it's kinda attached to my phone, so this is the max distance from my camera hole.
my phone ku ku again!!
cuz my inbox full
over 3000 +++ going to 4000 msgs
im too lazy to delete and i don wanna delete some

it'll take so long to choose and then delete. argh
phone fishing lag can
i think got virus

hey momo pooja aru!
remember ah cock k
hehehe, private joke=]

ballet tchr: must open your leg (to jump and stuff)
zhen: eew, sounds wrong
ye jing: laugh like siao

omg, 2day was damn spastic
there alot of other weird convos
i don noe why, im extremely weird 2day
ahh, i got outbreak, means my period coming
i shall go put nose mask later=]]

can someone bloody teach me hip-hop?

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