Sunday, May 25, 2008

smita said my blog was getting quite emo nowadays
omg, she is damn good at talking love logic
i realize it suddenly all made sense
what you said were just.. nvm
eh, shit, im talking emo again
but yknow, it might be the emo part
maybe cuz im becoming more MATURE!!
THAt's a damn big possibilty rite
YES, OMG. im maturing
ok nvm-_-

i love pegy
it's the penguin on my phone
yknow why i like hugs stuffs to be attach to my phone
cuz you see, im a really "neat" person
so to find my phone
that would take years in my "neat" bag
but with this huge thing around
once i spot it, or touch it (cuz it damn furry=]])
i can just pull it out. ta da!! i got my phone
and pls don add a NOT behind
it so didnt fit with the sentence
like, no one ends a sentence with a NOT
so ya, im damn clever=]]
oh shit, now that was so ego
emo and ego taking over me

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