Saturday, May 17, 2008

scratch scratch scratch x29081943074
for whole day

wah, someone suddenly msg me. tsk tsk.

anws, i just realize something
-i could bathe properly. for 30 mins in the shower.
-brush my teeth thoroughly
-put on mask
-wash face (there was no time to wash face during obs luh, i feel damn eek. but luckily my face condition didnt worsen. so good=])
-sleep without needing to wake up at 5 (however last nite, i 4got i set alarm in my phone then my phone totally irritated like crazy. hate you!)
-eat anything anytime
-drink anything anytime
-listen to music!!! i miss music like crazy. while trekking and kayaking, i was singing in my head
-watch mtv!
-play games
-have a bed to sleep on
-have dinner provided

i should feel lucky
obs make me know how to appreciate
eh but, when i see ants crawling, i still feel bit eeky

i would not have to suffer that person's bossiness
i would not have to suffer pungent smells from toilets
fear from the outdoors (btw, we did not see any supernatural things, elvira was damn funny)
cuz at campsite 3, the toilet was damn far away from the campsite
the toilet somemore no light
so stupid rite
so we took our torch light there, cuz it was quite dark already
on the way back, elvira was shining the torch anyhow
then me aishah and another girl keep telling her
'don anyhow shine'
'shine 45 degree down'
'don shine above eye level'
then she keeps asking
'give me a reason then i stop'
omg was damn irritating can
us: stop it!
elvira: tell me, why cannot
us: we'll tell u when we get back can
elvira: izzit something scary?
us: YES!!!
she immediately shine down
she's damn. haizzz.
tsk tsk, HAHAH

haiz, and we dont need to do things in the dark
well, alot of comfort here back home
i miss obs more when im home more then when im at obs
maybe cuz i noe i'll get back here soon

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