Wednesday, May 21, 2008


oh wait, the mascot dance
im damn piss can
everything so last min
and and, after the dance, ppl was telling me our dance was much better then __
only lose at the mascot part
argh, nvm, do better next year
was damn rush in the morn
from one dance to another
wad's done is done i guess

my very first demerit ticket. alot ppl were like, are you kidding me? 'YOUR FIRST ONLY?'
eh wth luh, wad's that suppose to mean, im a good girl
then others would be like for wad??? they see the catergory that got ticked (attire related)
then they say 'oh chey, can understand.' tsk
i think Y.O(sch dm) still owes me 2 for my shoe. she say she'll give me but i haven receive yet.
so for the whole day. the white board belongs to us. so cute rite
HAHAHAH!! guess who draw one. hint: me. yeah. i name her jocelyn.
yo dian
this is just getting worse and worse
it wasnt that bad at first
then we love adding new weird stuffs into pics, i'll show you wad i mean later. dian went to draw that animal(i don noe wad)
zhen. dian. MESS ALERT!! omg, i think it is damn cute luh. awarded as dirstiest class. again, haiz. oh, smita's at the back. LOL. i don think she noes
AHAH!! our master piece of.... s.c. there's just too much explanation that's needed. so yeah. just enjoy the art piece man
after sch, had lunch with the dancers and started plannin out the farewell party
went really well=]] THE CAKE!!
oh we had this treasure hunt game. well, we are the treasure. =]] i hid at the netball court
i am sun-tanning myself. take note of those leaves beside me
i think im gonna grow more acne on my butt. the ground was damn hot luh, so i tried putting leaves underneath and sit on them. but the ground was so much more comfortable then obs. hehe
so i was kinda bored. and started listening to my phone's music. i need more music!

these are the bunch of leaves i took shelter from
i was seriously bored
then finally, rachel found me!!! cut cake!! LOVE THEM ALWAYS.
sec 4s has officially left us
it leave the sec 3 to stand alone in the approaching storm
i do hope our soldiers would cooperate
stop being like ' i don care about dance anymore'
'do you think i care? no.''
'i wanna go do this'
'so annoying'
sounds familiar?
yes, i took it from ____
haha guess luh
k anws.
nicole think i grew muscles
haiya, fat arm.
kk, nvm
i go drink water
and sleep
darn it, when i think of holiday
i go =]]
when i think of holiday hw
i go =/, >=@, =[
alot man.UGHH

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