Friday, May 2, 2008

her voice is just so soothing
better then some singers okay
and and
she's pretty
u should watch some of her other vids too
she got album already
she damn talented: piano, guitar, great voice, pretty face (eh wait, this is not a talent)

omg, my ah ma's chicken rice is quite oily

this is my lose fats off tummy plan!!
it'a damn cool k
eh wait, i have no idea wad im suppose to do but
jsut more crunches!!!

AND FISH, zen just made two holes in my pants
no, i shant be so crude
yknow, 2day after lit, we were having phys consultation
and somehow led to butt hole, tock hole, buttock hole, asshole and shit hole
it's just ultimate weirdness luh

AND B4 I GO ON. ss suck like shit
6 essays in 1 1/2 hr!!
are u mad
i didnt do 2 essays, im damn sad
but lit was okay only

yeah, then we went to the damn bad service long johns at common
i just learnt that common means commonwealth
pls luh, i don live in that area
yeah, cuz only 2 ppl are working there
and the place is freaking small
and u have to clear up the table urself
and alot luh
nvm, if we work there part time, confirm very good
im just jk

yeah, and i went to ballet with a fat tummy again
haiz, so i created this plan
i feel like blogging emo yknow
but i noe i shouldnt influence ur mood
but i don noe really how to
cuz i don noe alot of cheem words

987 fm rocks
i feel like sending them the email so that they can come to our sch.

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