Sunday, May 25, 2008


i still haven change my skin
suck can
anws, i 4got to mention
yesterday at topshop
aru and tania saw this fashion magazine on one ofthe display tables
then they thot it's free, so they just put it in their bag
omg, i was rite... i thot it is free at first, but i started looking for the price tag
and yeah there is.
omg, they were almost caught for stealing

oh oh
after ballet 2day
i was on the bus
then i was thinking
since guys are starting to turn more feminine
for example
then the next thing they'll wear are tights OR STOCKINGS. EEEWWW
seriously, you cant imagine that
but you might not know, some gay would wear it and the guys would follow
i'll laugh if i see any guy wear i tell you
im damn bored
ye jing keep saying i have the yo mama face
which prolly meant emo face
i didnt wear eyeliner today for ballet
and i wasnt feeling emo either
i noe, tired.

jing: why you got yo mama face
zhen: huh, why yo mama
jing: if not wad, yo papa
zhen: yo neinei
jing: yo kuku luh


freak, i just remember something
just now i was calling my mum after ballet
but she did not pick up
ok, no, the phone was off
i called 7 times i think
so i called my bro
he didnt pick up, i called twice
so i was like okay, i shall call home
but the number busy
then i started thinking maybe got burglar
so when i was in the lift
i prepare a number to call if there really was
that number, i don say luh
but it's not my dad, he's at work
is someone else who knows my address
yeah then i hid at one corner of the lift and sneak out quietly

but you've guessed it, nothing of such happened
no burglar, all my imagination, damn ps can
my mum's phone was off, my bro was sleeping. and the house phone was not put properly

im hungry
oh btw, im dam happy david cook won for american idol
sry, i noe im slow, i told you so.
just that this took really long.
and i love the song always be my baby!! omg, the first time i heard it, AMAZING

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