Thursday, May 29, 2008

oh 2day was horrible

that sounded really bad
not really. it just wasnt as good as yesterday
the ____ dont help
then me amanda and keziah were damn pissed
luckily audrey came
if not we'll die
AUDREY was a great help
2moro is my fav i think
vid editing!!
longest day though

my desk yesterday
it was damn hard trying to find what im finding... ya
oh, im sorry. the boobs got lost suddenly. but there's something better. i drew it. cute rite.
the guy is suppose to sun tan. so i drew in some butt cheeks! but they say no naked guy, so i cut out a tri. and put it over. btw, the boobs are with a bikini
if u haven guess it
it's Fiona xie's boobs
it'll be damn hilarious if it's there
imagine this situation when our entry is sent to competition

judge 1: hey, that character has nice boobs
judge 2: i recognize that pair of boob!! it's Fiona's!!!
judge 3: how would you noe... unless....?
judge 2, quite uncomfortable: no no, i.. i recognize the bikini..

right.... but it'll be so funny if someone sees it and goes 'hey! that's Fiona xie's boobs!'
ok, i shall stop
amanda gave me cool name
it spells R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D
got it?
it's pronounced as shuzhen

very smart rite
amanda's name is F-A-T
keziah has a few.
i love keziah's name

and, omg
me and amanda are going crazy over online shopping
i love those dresses. sooooo nice.
i hope my mummy allows

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