Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My mum promised that she'll bring me to cut hair by this week
cuz my reason was
if my hair turn out really shitty, at least there is still some time for it to grow.=]

i've changed the name of papa (penguin)
to dirty. or should i change it to 'huh'?
cuz if someone ask what's the name of my penguin
i can answer : huh.
HAHHA, then that would be so entertaining rite!!!
i wanted to change it to dirty cuz papa now has ink on it's body=[
damn sad can
so yeah
dirty, huh or stick to papa??

i wanna buy bands
and bangles
and many more
the ring
and the shades
oh man
maybe i should go find my godbros
haha, since they long to treat me to something
and yes... someone still owes me a treat
and i wanna go out with alot of ppl
but yeah, june hols is so short!!
the sch just took away one week
with all the BLOODY lessons and enrichment course

I HEARD ___ IS taking away crez awards
de best luh
can i just kick her
ok, kicking her not too bad
can i punch her
she also wants to take away fun fair
what's her freaking problem can
students need both play and work to score better
having to study only would just kill us
i wanna transfer sch if it goes on too bad
suck my balls luh
eh wait, i dont have

i go bathe. bye.

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