Tuesday, May 27, 2008

im home, finally

OMG, i wanted to buy this damn cute shoe just now
only 10 bucks can
and i was damn in love with that shoe
why was i born with such huge feet!!!
it could fit perfectly
but if i wear socks, it'll be too tight
largest 37, i need 38!!
why so sian one
i love tat shoe can

but anws, i went to buy other clothes from this shop call jierry
the auntie's laughter damn scary
the clothes she recommended i didnt buy
i only bought those i chose
so yeah
she has a really glib tongue sia
in chinese:
your body very nice
you really know how to choose
like wth, ok fine, thank you...
eh i like the story i wrote
incomplete, but at least better then my compos
sneak peak of my story:
You were great, as an actor. I didn’t understand you
It sucks when im forced, it sucks when im forced for your own good, it sucks when you are taking over me.

It’s no longer you, it’s me.

You probably would have said the same cheesy words to other creatures that have vaginas. That was wrong, just wrong.

Then all of the sudden, I realize it isn’t worth it.

Because I know, you were never meant to be true.

oh ya!! after sch
me, mo, pooja, tania and hui ping
went to BK!!
miss BK.
then aftr that mo went for rmum
hope she didnt get __ HAHA. private joke
yeah then the rest of us went to borders and look for poems?!
oh, tania wanted to buy for her fren or something. i dont noe
then we went taka later on, pooja's need
she wanted to buy a necklace for her fren from periilin silver
but she says it's quite er hem, so she would buy from other places

the lift put a pic there that cannot smoke
then i still smell smoke
very smart rite
then my mum was very piss too, so she suggested put smoke detector
then if detect smoke then would lock the person inside
then he/she have to pay fine
MUAHHHAA. that rocks.

ogay, off to call
i wanna go out and shop terribly
i dont know why

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