Thursday, May 1, 2008

im feeling quite pissed

b4 i go on, nothing weird happened last nite, and im quite happy
my bro's fren came over to watch soccer last nite
so lame rite. say yes
but i didnt really hear much shouting though

i woke up at 5.45 cuz my alarm rang as usual
i thot i needed to go to sch
then i felt so piss with myself, so dumb
im damn full after eating half a plate of porridge
eh, more like thick congee, that's why damn full

im starting to ____ you
i mean, its weird. maybe i influenced myself to think that way

eh, do you all like influence urself to think another way?
quite weird but yeah

and and, that high voice guy's song is stuck in my head
damn high luh
but sounds damn creepy yknow, if i hear such song in the night, i'll just freak out

I LOVE 'BED' by j holiday.
songs somehow makes me feel better

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