Saturday, May 3, 2008

i still haven plan out my lfot plan yet
but generally
more crunches

marie digby is just so talented
omg, i love her voice
oh oh
did u guys read the news?
connie talbot
a 6/7 yr old girl
that can sing damn well, makes use of her vocal damn well came to singapore
and and simon cowell is her number one fan
i swear
she's in britains got talent
vid to prove it!!

she's so sweet rite
just that her voice quite shaky

i had weird dreams these few days
oh oh, on fri, on the way back with dian and zoey
we were talking bout weird dreams
and mine had to do with aliens
and i also dreamt that i went to obs without knowing it's obs
so i didnt have all the stuff
but i wasnt freaking out
omg, so exciting!!!

i feel like changing my blog skin
though im quite lazy to do that
all the blog skin so ugly
need to choose slowly

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