Saturday, May 31, 2008

i need a hair cut

it's too heavy
i need to get rid of that burden
and i don just plainly mean my hair
anws, i slept at one last nite
and i amaze myself by waking up at 10!!
OMG, SOO early
other then that
i did some math hw last nite
but, i cant do anything
i mean, i 4got how to do everything!!
wad happen=[[

see!! hui ping, i tried my best to make you pretty already. HAHA, eh u haven send me ur 'distorted' PIC

can u see my tongue??? well, i am sticking out my tongue. okay-_-

i like danity kane!!
i just realize that danity kane is a grp
and they are the ones who sang show stopper!!
ahh, i love that song last time
ok, im quite fast to noe that rite
and i also realize they sing damage!!!
omg, i like a starting and middle part of that song!!!=]]
ok, cool
they form this grp from making the band
then there's this new grp from making the band season [idk]
called 'girlicious'
they are just like the PCD can
jsut more meaty and flashy
yeah, u can go youtube to search
i wanna go out
but im lazy
i bet you all feel like this sometimes rite
2day is so cooling
I LIKE!!=]]]
ok ok
i should rite down a list of what i should do
or need to do
i always have a feeling i didnt do something
and yes, i didnt


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