Wednesday, May 7, 2008


omg, yay yay yay
i accidentally said 'you throw paper at me, i smack you' to aishah
cuz they have this BAD BAD habit of aiming at me and throw paper at me
especially my head
eh but i tell you
under my desk have alot of paper
i can attack back
smita also, also aim for my bag
so dumb rite. haha
like, she loves stuffing those paper balls into my bag
then the other time
i was walking with dian
'wad's this in my bag, it's irritating my butt luh.'
then i started to figure out wad is that, squeezing it and touching it. [i noe it sounds horribly wrong]
then i was thinking whether is my umbrella or water bottle
then i went into the bus and open my bag
and realize it's paper ball-_-
and immediately lead to smita
idk why
HAHA, smita. tsk tsk

2day after chem, we went vivo
aishah, xi mian, amanda, zoey, dian, kai min, me, keziah, pei qi, yi shang, lynette, nisa, kanice. i hope i didnt miss out anyone...
it was damn fun i swear. pics first!

shades at topshop. eh i think the shades make me look like i got beetle's eye. look like rite. so scary.
nisa, keziah, kanice, me. zoey and dian was in the changing room. HAHA
at forever 21! dian chose this for me. i think it's cute

at fox! omg, this tube is so cute. but but, looks weird

hehehe, eh is this at espirit?? ya ya, eh, YA!!! it is
zoey me dian!!! dian looks so emo. she loves leather jacket, she say next time her bf needs to own one. LOL

AT PULL AND BEAR!! this top is cute.
i cant explain more
they just suck alright
i always get damn irritated by them
this is not my first time complaining bout them luh
i don wish to talk bout this REALLY BUTTOCK SICKENING THING
he suck suck suck to the core
i totally quarrelled with him
i think i have some enemity with security guards
how do you pronouce robot?
i pronouce as 'ro-butt'
but they say it's wrong, should be 'ro-bolt'
toys R us!!!
we went there and it was damn fun okay
we played with hula hoop
puppet show
and alot more
pics with kanice and nisa!!!
post them soon
eh but after on the trip home
i felt kinda guilty cuz if they complain to the sch
it'll be my fault
i couldnt control my temper and did the rudeness thing to the s.g
but i really hate him okay
ivandy still thot it was brave. WTH
but zoey made me feel better
oh, i fell asleep after putting down the phone with zoey
on the hard hard sofa
then after don noe how long
i went into my room to sleep
the bad part was
i woke up, unbalanced
then i fell hard on the ground, no my butt
luckily no one saw that
it was super ugly
i was feeling very blur and dizzy and i kinda lost my footing
but that, WOKE ME UP=]]
yeah, AND MY full-stop[period] COME
ahhh, i do hope it ends b4 OBS.
2moro learning journey
fri, crez awards=]
next week, OBS
for the whole week, don miss me too much
jk jk
go read my archives if ure bored
so much things!! AHH

2day was really superb

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