Sunday, May 4, 2008

emo-night last night....

guess wad's he doing. ready to chased after me. he thinks that squahing himself on the floor, seemingly thin can make me not notice him
but really, zen, ure too fat for that.
hey im pro enough already. i was using my mouth ti balance my phone and took this pic
this one too. so it's abit lop-sided
this is more normal. got angle wad
i end up writing the whole page full of random words
i couldnt sleep till 1 so i went to ballet with eye bags again
i went to cut this finger's nail cuz it'll be easier to press the calculator. damn short=[
why is mas selamat 2/3 woman??
i created this bullentin on friendster

omg, these few days are super hot luh
so hot!!!
and my phone went ku ku again
need to start deleting msgs
my mum just brought back stuffs!!=]]]
jann jie jie gave us some stuff she bought from europe
really, they're so pretty
and thanks melia for the talk
makes me happier=]]
LOVE YOU always
phys 2moro
i wanted to wake up late 2moro cuz im a pig
i cant, cuz it'll just ruin my family's schedule
im like suppose to wake up the first everyday
if not, i'll have to walk to sch
my lfot plan is....D;
nvm, cuz i was just nice watching wo cai wo cai wo cai cai cai
then it's the contest of the slim waist and some shit
man, they are like sticks luh
like it's damn flat and thin
makes me jealous
but it shall be my motivation!!
after the exams
i must concentrate on exams first
everyone perservere!

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