Saturday, May 24, 2008

eh i don noe why im blogging so much 2day but wth
i got alot of things to say mah

i went our for dinner just now
eh, do i dress too 'NICE' for just dinner?
im just rewearing wad i wore a few days ago
then my bro always ask this qn
'where you going huh? orchard huh?'
im like wadeva
i always bloody hear that when i go out to have dinner.
why i dress nice not good meh
but anyhow
i'll take that as a compliment
i don think i dress very nicely. nvm
he just went on lecturing me on how i dress too much
so we went to the nearby coffee shop
i didnt eat cuz i wasnt feeling hungry
then i was telling him i went topshop 2day and got discount
then he say like window shoppers makes singapore's service bad or something
damn shit can
say we destroy their service, we go in to try but don buy.
aiya wtfish can. im like trying out to see nice or not, then save and buy luh
but really, hasnt happened yet. HAHA
but i was quite irritated by him
so i just turn up the vol of my radio and ignored him
after that we went home
on the way home, my mum sort of called and ask us to go sun plaza for coffee
yay, to coffee bean

gor: wear heels luh
zhen: you mean you didnt notice it just now?
gor: no, i did. just that, im still taller
zhen: eh wadeva luh, it's your hair can. eh no, your neck
gor: ya my neck
zhen: i bet every year, only your neck's the one that's growing
gor: crazy luh, you think im like those...
zhen: i noe the place, i noe
gor: ....
zhen: wait, i know the place!
zhen: i 4got
gor (laugh at me)
eh anws, i seriously noe the place, i learnt it in geog. it's starts with k rite.
i don noe luh=/

sope, i love belgian choc! but yknow now coffee bean dont know how to ice blend the stuff luh. there's practically no ice i can bite on in the drink. i love chewing on ice=] but amanda yew say its bad for the teeth=[ i just knew it luh. now then say, i bite for so many years already.
oh i love the cheese cake too
i was eating and b4 i knew it, half was gone already
lfot plan is on 2nite=]

so yeah, we stayed on for don noe how long talking bout GOD. and then i started talking bout my weird dreams and ghost stories. so cool.
yeah then i came home and cam-whore

yay, i look emo
if my handwriting is too freaking UGLY. it says: eh, i noe this looks like shit, but it's NOT!
you make my life go crazy
k, now im acting all emo for the few pics below

k, i prefer my crazy pics

and yes i prefer sepia. HELLO KITTY=]]

oh btw, i showed my mum the pic which i think i look really mature
she was like 'forties'
she was being damn sacarstic can
where got ppl forty years old still have such good skin
then she was like 'saying me luh, go walk behind'
why she keep saying i look like 20++
i mean, i don act like one, my frens can prove it
but my clothes very old meh=[[
cuz most of my clothes come from my cousins
which are 18 and 20+
so that's how i look so old.
anws, recently
my respond is always a few seconds slow
i always take awhile to answer that person
dian experience it alot of times recently

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