Friday, May 30, 2008

2 ppl i noe are leaving SG 2day
bon voyage joce and ivandy!!
don miss me=]]

anws, 2day is the LAST day for the workshop
omfg, the china scholar and that indian girl pon 2day

so only left 4 of us to do can
anws, we didnt manage to finish it
but it seems ok
i needed to go early cuz got ballet
i hope it turned out fine
damn shit
suppose to wake up at 7.30 but ite i woke up at 8.30
that's only when hui ping called me
suppose to meet her at sbw mrt at 8!!
omg, i felt damn guilty
till she told me, she reach sbw mrt at 8.10
then she go off thot that i never wait for her
HAHA, damn funny luh
anyhow, the trip back was worse
she bought this ring from aries yesterday
and and, it's a toe ring
i told her to use it as a ring

hp: who does that luh
zhen: erm, me.

ok, anws...
she was damn spastic on the train

well, this was the ring she bought
take a good look
hp: im green lantern. muahaha
zhen: where's the green stuff?

hp: is this made of metal? (knock ring against window)
zhen: no, yes, no..
zhen: it is made of aluminium
hp: aluminium is not metal huh!?
zhen: oh ya.. HAHAHA

oh, while walking into the mrt station
hp told me she saw this woman wearing damn low cut
and somemore bending forward
then she say all the guys looking at her luh
zhen: i never take notice of her. omg! u're a guy!!

anws, those convos were on the train
on the bus also got dman funny one
she was saying she like those rooms in the houses
zhen: eh, usually ppl say that hosue very nice, then you say that room very nice. you pervert huh, look into the window
hp: no no, that room really very nice, i want a master bed room next time
hp: huh?
zhen: a room where you masturbate..

hui ping's way of saying cheena is china-ish
so cool rite.

my band and hp's ring. and dirty. NOSE RING!

earring-_- yes, dirty has NO ears

=]] i bought this yesterday. i want vintage belt!!!

yup yup
oh freak, i haven bathe
i sweat alot during ballet!!
haha! lose fats. thank you!

i cant help but doubt

that's all i can do

i screw things up for myself

i make wrong decisions

but that's life i guess.

but i'll stay strong

and learn from my mistakes

im still young anws

so ppl! make as much now

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