Sunday, May 18, 2008

2 moods for my post 2day!!

first, i shall start as usual k
i was reading the instructions off this cleansing foam that my mum bought on fri
it's some green tea extract, the brand is ottie.
so cute rite, from Korea
yeah, i show you what it says
"abundant green tea extracts helps remove old horny or effete substances..."
" rine thoroughly with water...."

i was reading it and lmao in the toilet
i immediately come out of the toilet and read to my whole family
so we used it as a joke now

zhen: eh let's go wash away those horny effete substances
xiang: and must rine thru properly

read!! the first sentence. this is the closest and clearest pic i can get. so sry, SQUINT UR EYES! love the skin ure in=]
yes that's my daddy
eh, my eye got blurred and it looks like an alien eye!!!! haha

YUP, damn amusing
i like
then my mum also bought the nose mask thingy
then we all peel out and we were comparing who got the most white/black head
we refers to me and my bros
nope, they are not vain
it's just call taking care of ur skin
yep, oh my lil'bro got the most, surprisingly
omg, when i peel out it was damn painful
i don have anything on my mask luh
only got those fine hair from my cheeks
then i realize my bro's nose very big
cuz when he put the mask on, the sides of the mask left very little
then for me, left alot k, so mine very painful
and some more, when they peeled out not pain
tsk tsk, thick skin sia

my eld'bro says i look like im going to dance hip-hop from the BACK. anws, i wan hip-hop lessons. but shermin's and russell's fren's lessons all crash on my ballet days. fri and sun. hmph
anws, i think im gonna cut my hair later
i hope
and watch ironman!!!
hui ping's fav


and should i change my blogskin?
i scared not nice
like i wanna find something that totally represents me but now still no satisfaction


what i spent with last nite the insect bites cream and tissues
eh eh!!!
wan yu told me that tickling the bites works too!
yi du gong du
means.... like since it's itchy then tickle it
or u got poison in ur bod, u use another poison to expel it
this kinda things.
yep, IT DOES WORK!!!

i slept at 2 last nite
went to ballet this morn
luckily my eyes werent swollen
but still puffy
so always on sun ballet
i must put eyeliner
i don noe why always puffy puffy one
eh i noe, cuz wake up too early
tsk tsk

should i blog bout this or not

aiya, why should i care
it's my blog anws
i cried really hard last nite
ive not cried so hard since last year when i was parting my jap host
music kept me accompany
you werent there when i needed help
that was a disappointment
i only slept when my dad came in and saw me sitting on the floor and ask why still don sleep
i turn my head away and went to bed.
im fine now
it's over
maybe i was just crying out everything that happened this year
so it was a good thin
but i hate that feeling
it was really painful

sry, i think i just ended my post in a bad way
im happy now=]]]]
enjoy ur day

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