Wednesday, April 16, 2008

yo yo!!

oh yeah, i haven thank those that wished me good luck for my ballet exam
and b4 i 4got
during flag day
i saw siying and her fren
thanks for donating!! (she reminded me to blog bout this. hehehe)

2moro is a math test
and im multi-tasking. studying and playing
omg, i have no planning
i feel so unorganized
and dian didnt come to sch 2day

when i got back from ballet, smita told me joce gave me this from bangkok
the lighting too dark luh
but it's so pretty!!
using it now=) haha eew, i just realize that my shawty get loose is not the real one.
tsk, i better go change it
oh u noe the mtv of ching-a-ling
by.... i 4got who. the vid is DAMN COOL. really. the dance is so =DD

went to lido for lunch today
with smita and co
i felt quite outcasted at first
but after that it went well
charlotte and co were damn funny
oh we watch the stupid vids on youtube again
anws, it was great=))

i gtg mug for a math already
good bye
i feel like i have a 324398902834098 to blog bout but i need time to recall and blog

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