Tuesday, April 29, 2008

yknow wad, a math paper was really hard
everyone was like complaining like crazy
i wanted to whine, but i know that would distract the rest
geog was not any better
i have no idea wtf is sustainable tourism!!
wtf, that's 7 marks
now i have to memorize ss notes
OMG, yuck. i hate this
i hate subjects that need memorizing
i mean for geog, i only hate tourism

anws, after the 2 paper
went home with smita & hui ping
actually wanted to get free cone cuz 2day is ben and jerry free cone day rite
if u don noe, now u noe
but confirm damn long queue so didnt go
but when i went to sun plaza
i bought mcflurry
reduce the heat

u got me so hypnotized

i remind myself of a teddy bear
SMITA!! classic. haa. at lido yesterday. we went lido to study, for me, it wasnt productive enough

hui ping took this

hui ping's fav show

ZOEY AND ME. i was so restless

I WANNA WATCH THIS!! omg, but it's like NC 16
slurp. damn nice i tell u. taste like air
-_-. i noe. eh that's momo!!
remember this pouch. i named it lespo. look and u'll noe why
i find it hard to trust ppl easily if i don hang out with them
but my classmates=] da best

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