Saturday, April 12, 2008

yay, it finally loaded
i mean my com's so ficking laggy
tsk, don noe wad's wrong

met up with smita at khatib first then went to orchard to meet millie and hui ping
then went to lucky plaza's macs to have hot cakes for breakfast!!!
craving for that since last nite
then huiping started playing with food
like i use to
so fun
she added butter, sugar, creamer, tea, milo and mixed them all up
looked like vomit
and smita also really gag upon seeing that
then we went to collect our tins outside far east
but it started raining like hell
collected a few coins from some ppl at the over head brigde but decided to go to vivo afterwards
stood somewhere near the escalator to habour front shopping centre
the ppl there were great!!
thanks to them man, my tin was super heavy
this hongkonger donated 10 bucks
so nice of her
and yeah, the ppl were great
i just kept on saying
'would you like to donate?'
'thank you'
and so-on
i actually learnt ALOT from 2day
i spent almost 1 hr telling my mum wad i learnt bout ppl 2day
cant judge the book by it's cover in short

omg, i sound so cheem
but all in all, it was great!!
mo mo and sarah jane came too
then after that, went back to town to return cans and all
oh gosh, i'll post up the pics later on
im too lazy
i feel lazy to blog to, cuz ive been telling everyone wad happened today already
so im like repeating wad ive been saying
so boring

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