Sunday, April 27, 2008

that pain came back to me

my stomach pain luh
i don noe why
went to ballet in the morning then my tummy started to hurt again
anws, i wish to learn the centre exercise for ballet luh, i saw the upper grade do b4, it's damn nice
cuz it's kinda contemp too.
now just bar exercises

then got back home and drew some geog diag. i actually 4got. oh gosh
i suck
then i ate the gastric medicine
it didnt really worked when i just ate the first half
but i ordered baked rice from pizza hut and it came
yay, so nice, but my tummy hurts even worse
then after that, i ate the other half of the medicine and just kept burping.
that's a good sign
slept for 3 hrs while watching sponge bob

OREO CHEESE CAKEY!! sry, i took the pic after taking one bite

i look emo, that's so cool


sweet. i love looking at it.
so i have to get back to studies
oh man, i wish to go shopping again
makes me high
and i noe i sound kinda dead in my blog
i don noe why
oh well, bye

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