Friday, April 4, 2008

my inner thigh muscles hurt loads (wordy post)

i wanted to blog yesterday cuz there were bloody much things to talk bout
but nvm
i shall just mention the diff points
we had the election yesterday
i mean the results
some were quite shocking
but overall, im happy with it=))
buttt, im in costume rap section again
that tedious job
alot of ppl say they vote for me cuz asst cost rep has something to do with make-up
the first person they think of is me
i hate to admit
but yes, im the vainest in dance
eh wait, i might not be the vainest ok
still have melia
jocelyn. etc
joce worse, she looks at every mirror she sees
but now i don noe
haven been to sch for 2 days
also don noe wad happen
im going for ballet soon
my left knee is pain when i bend it. i wanna go see SINSEH!
and my inner thigh muscles ARE KILLING ME
next week is killer week too
mon- phys, chi
wed- chem
thurs- eng oral
fri- lit, e math, eng oral

and i really haiz
i just hopes he don noe my blog
so i can blog bout this with peace
anws, i got off at yishun mrt yesterday
was walking at the underpass
this guy started to walk beside me and i look at him, then he motion me to go to the side

(when i got into the train, he was already there)

so i was like huh?
and i couldnt hear a bloody word his saying
reason 1: i was blasting music in my ear
reason 2: the underpass is very noisy
reason 3: he speaks damn softly (quite gayish)
anws, the first thing he said was : i never ask a girl for number b4
then he went on, but i really couldnt make out wad his trying to say
cuz the first sentence tells u his gonna ask for ur number
i regretted giving
it meant i gave okay. u know when i say i regretted giving
my frens ask 'so u gave him?'
-_- HAHA
then yea, i kinda regretted
maybe cuz i didnt want to noe any new frens at the moment
i just wanna hang out with my past and present frens.
the future.... erm, i'll see
im hungry
some ppl find it tiring to chew, suck, lick, eat
but i guess i love eating

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