Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i wore my new pumps out to sun plaza just now. painful shit

just a few metres, then blisters started to form
and soon it broke
and omfg, is was FISHING painful
i swear
more painful then last time walk thru town for 5 hr
i learnt a lesson, don wear that pumps out when want to walk around
wear slipper better=]
then i painfully hopped/tip-toed/walk like i have something wrong with my leg
yknow i wear until so glam[jk, just an e.g] then my leg so weird
then everyone keep staring at my feet
i was really walking in an awkward way. it's damn damn pain
how i wish superman was there to fly me to sun plaza
then when i reach sunplaza
my mum had already bought plasters for me
and i put 2 on each leg
but still hurts a bit

dad: yong ni de dian hua da wo de dian hua (use ur phone to call mine)
zhen: gor, papa ask u to use ur phone to smack his phone
b4 this thing, i was feeling damn piss
i hope it is PMS.
cuz OBS coming. damn
then suddenly, i just say that lame thing out
btw. da means call or hit
i went to purposely say hit

drank ice mocha blended after dinner
i have attitude prob

anws, i like ppl to say my name
i don noe why
like if someone say something and bother to say shuzhen or zhen or seet(smita-_-)
oh talking bout smita, she just camE online
and the first word is seet
I'd run to you now if I could. says:

u see. hahha
i would totally be kind to that person
ok maybe not
i'll be happier=]]
for that few sec. LOL
yeah, that's all
chi mid yr 2moro
im slacking too much=[

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