Wednesday, April 2, 2008

i think i just wasted one boring day

doing nothing but...
so my lunch was maggie mee!
i was too lazy and looking too screwed to get out of hse

preparing. see the fire?? oooh FIREEEE... sry, that was stupid
yes i noe luh. i look like ah soh(auntie) good house wife k. at least i noe how to cook maggie mee=))

and it's done!! the small bowl beside is my experiment. guess was i added to the noodle (sry for really bad photo quality)
CHEESEEEEEEEEEEEE!! DON GET GROSS OUT LUH. i think it's quite tasty. like when u chew ur noodle and cheese, the cheese is so soft and chewy. duh, the cheese must be kinda melted first b4 mixing with ur noodle
and my day went well after wards when i was on the phone
oh oh, i called zoey and poochi and dian was there. omg, they so cute
miss sch like crazy 2day=(
thank u smita ta, dian, zoey, poochi. etc. don noe for wad, but just thanks=)
erm, thanks for making my day
and oh yeah, u too (but it wasnt a satisfying talk)
i just think this effect's sho cool
new heels=) im jk. it's my overturned doorstopper
i was bored alright. studying some ss shit anws, i just slacked the whole day
other then teaching zen how to sit
it was useless
tried studying ss
but i just cant get the LINK
that made me fail the bloody paper
good luck yo

'boston's nice
'no you hang up' is nice too!
my blog's songs are nice
i like those emo ones and spastic ones
and aiya, it depends on my mood

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