Wednesday, April 30, 2008

do i look friendly 2day??=]]
cuz in the bus going home, this ang moh small girl keep staring at me.
then on the mrt, this small chinese girl wave at me happily
i seriously didnt pi-do-file (i spell it like how i pronouce, how to spell?!) them
yeah, so i was kinda like ' right.....'

k pics of my wonderful plasters

and zen likes to cross between my legs
and u see his a pervert. luckily im wearing shorts
GREEN TEA FRAPPUCINO (spelling sucks) since everyone says it's nice, i buy and try
i drank half only. i dislike the taste. it's like... kueh. artificial green tea taste. yuck. i mean, diff ppl have diff taste though. i just didnt like it very much

OK, chinese paper was alright
main part of the day
paper fight
with smita
and always ppl will throw paper at me, like im damn easy to bully luh
all on the other side
man, im typing with my eyes half way close
anws, we went for ss consultation with siow jr
ss makes him boring
btw, he doesnt teach us ss, it's eng
then went home
and got out to northpoint for dinner
so freaking full
so walked around n.p again
i had a damn weird thing that happened to me last night
i woke up in the middle of the night
realizing that i wasnt wearing my shirt
but still have my bra
i thot i was hallucinating, so i went back to sleep
i woke up again cuz i felt cold in the air con room
and realize that i my shirt really was gone
so i search for it and found it on a chair beside my bed
then i wore it and went back to snore
but, i seriously don remember myself stripping
nor i had any horny dreams
like dian said, if i had, i would remember. HAHA
so yeah
i don noe wad's the reason

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