Wednesday, April 9, 2008

[i think i blogged damn much
so take ur time to read]

i mean, we're sort of prepared to fail but
(omg, i can imagine dian saying this, and why did kanice voice suddenly pop into my head)
anws, we just hope we don fail TOO badly
maybe 1 or 2 marks below? i'll be delighted if i passed
other then that
the day went pretty smoothly
oh ya, i have to mention chinese paper
they ask stupid qn
and the passage they give is plain boring
i only like the one where they talk bout jail and how a fly inspired a guy
and yep, afterwards
me, dian, pei qi, zoey, yi shang and keziah went to tiong for lunch
i had the urge to eat KFC
so yay, we went there

but b4 that, we are not suppose to go out of sch with just pe shirt and shorts right
but i stained my skirt so i couldnt wear my skirt
then i saw the security guard SASHAYING towards me
i immediately shouted "im having my period!" " i stained my skirt!!"
he remains that calm face, and say i don care, jsut go rite ur name down, explain to ur teacher
so i went to the s.g HOUSE to rite down my name
i saw some ppl riting that they stain their skirt also
i was kinda pissed, so i rite for my reason "stained my bloody skirt"
it's true that it's bloody wad. tsk
stupid s.g

u noe we kept laughing like mad after eating our meal (so full)
i mean, we talk bout damn crappy stuff

shang: where's my cheese fries?
zhen: (eating her cheese fries, AND NOT KNOWING WAD SHE HAS JUST SAID)
pei qi: i thot it was over there. (then turns around and look at me)
pei qi: HAHAH (soundless) she's still eating! with shu zhen

it means that when yi shang was asking, i was still busy poking the fries (choosing the cheesiest one)
then when everyone look at me, i then realize wad yi shang asked
oh and the soundless thing. pei qi laugh without a sound
so seriously, how would we noe when she is laughing??
erm, if she's standing, she would squat down and laugh -_-
and when yi shang laughs, she bobs up and down. DAMN FUNNY
i go forward and backwards -_-
dian is i think 'HA HA HA'
like saying it out?? i don noe
skip those shit
dian and pei qi started talking bout not wasting food, erm africa kids. bla bla
then we somehow lead to say yi shang got very 'good' genes
and keep praising her. HAHAH
cuz she was saying i don have good genes
all to her sis
then pei qi suddenly say
"no, u very smart (sacarstic tone), next time u employ ur sis. no, next time ur sis come to ur office for job, then u say: sry, ure too pretty, we cant hire you"
u didnt listen to the whole story so nvm. hhaa
but i swear, it's damn humorous
after 3 secs, then i started laughing
sry, but i suddenly become so slow
anws, there were still alot
but im too lazy to type all out
then on the way back
me and dian were discussing who do we think have bf in our class
dian thinks almost everyone in our class have potential to have one
she says something like those quiet one arh, u never noe.
and alot of ppl think i look like those pppl that have bf
i mean i do have guy frens, like almost everyone does, but nah, im a good girl (evidence from below) i listen to my mama
then we started discussing who do we think is pretty in our class
reading pei qi's blog last time, she said there's 7 (mean pock)
me and dian have more
i think ppl with nice smiles are pretty, like really nice teeths=DDD

the so hawt look. not the im so hawt luh. u noe, im not as ego as pei qi. HAHA
im frowning and smiling. cant u tell. it feels weird
have u ever killer litter b4?
i think i did many times, but usually is just dead leaves from my plants or tissue
the few things that are quite bad are: water bombs and water bottle
why has it gotta do with water
i was at my pri sh teacher's house with the soft ballers (cuz my bro's in soft ball)
then we were like throwing water balls down the windows
but got a lecture from this mother or teacher, i 4got
who cares, i hate getting lectured. who does, i mean, i'll rebut
then WATER BOTTLE(i remember is the newater w.b)
this is damn serious (in pri sch)
i almost hit someone's head
out of so many ppl, it had to be the principal
cuz after hcl lessons
we were standing at the corridor
then i put my w.b on the edge of the corridor walls
and started playing with the bottle. i put it horizontal so u can like roll it here and there
suddenly, it slipped out of my hand
i was like. OMG. i didnt think it would hit anyone
but when i went down to take the water bottle
the principal was holding it and walking up to me
and duh, my class was there too
then my chinese teacher came down and ask wad happen
then they started talking
but the only thing i remember my chi teacher said was
"shuzhen hen guai de, ta bu shi gu yi de"(shu zhen is a very good[the evidence] girl, she didnt do that on puropse) [and she was holding on to my shoulders, protecting me, i used to hate her cuz she has this damn stuck up face, but after that. when she retired, i felt really sad and was really touched by her doings]
yeah, AWWWW

i got one more thing to say
i hate it when ppl stand in front of me in the MRT
and extremely close
i don noe why but i just don like it
like u noe the place where u lean against? the end of the seats
i was standing there and this woman came and stand in front of me and was leaning against the pole attached the that 'wall'
like wtf, she's not giving me any space
there were so many other places she could stand. the mrt was very empty, except the seats are all taken up
then she had TO lean against MY POLE
ok, not mine but u get wad i mean
i should rest my fingers already=)

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