Tuesday, April 22, 2008

can you see any difference??=))
this is how photoshop works huh
second: edited. first: pure.

momo and me!!
finally a pic 2gether

and finally the three of us
smita, mohita and zhenthat was during chem yesterday
just to let u noe
i did sho badly for phy chem and A math
PHY: 13/25 (ok, well, at least i passed)
chem: 11 1/2/ 25 (at least i didnt fail too badly)
a math: 5/20?!? (OMFG, WTH IS WRONG WITH UR BRAIN!!!)

yeah, i was so depressed when i got the results back
thanks dian and kanice for comforting this poor soul
thanks so much=]]
and today, omg
i think i shouted too loudly in class
not in the high way
but like i sounded really pissed
i shouted at kai min, sry
i was so frustrated that i couldnt do the bloody qn
and i still cant do it!!!!
fuck, im getting so pissed again
nvm, off to the good part

hui ping, millie, smita and wo(me)
qu chi dong xi (eat something)
we went B.K to have lunch
just nice $4.50 for student meal
oh it was a terrible meal yknow
cuz hui ping is SO much sicker then me i SWEAR!!
but duh, only i added more stuffs to wad she said, and millie and smita was giving that face
and trying to control their laughter
hui ping is seriously damn retarded
she was showing some sick example
then she flinged her hand
but she was holding on to her burger
and her burger fell off
to the ground
so she couldnt eat already
HAHA, even if it didnt, she was so busy talking sick and laughing that she could not finish
the other time at KFC also cannot finish her drumlets
it was super funny
then in the train
someone keep farting and she was like [we didnt hear it but we keep smelling]
"so inconsiderate, keep farting."

she said it quite loudly. LOL
and we were hearing the 'suck my balls' by south park on the mrt too
love it
anws anws
i did well for geog, so happy!! i really didnt think i would do that well
cuz i tried to mug for that chap like crazy till i feel like commiting suicide man
but i did quite well, so yay=] 14/15

andddddd, i got to go do my hw

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