Saturday, April 12, 2008

ANWS, during ss lessons some days ago
i felt bored, so i kinda doodled in my ss text book=)
yknow that red pimple-looking thing at the side
it's supposed to be a manga eye
i drew it at first, but decided to draw human eye later on
there it is!!
i love the eyebrow
but i drew half only

but during a maths after recess, i continued drawing, being so obsessed with it
so i completed the drawing
the not so pretty side
the prettier side=)) I LOVE THE EYE
and the next day, i continued adding stuff to my person
during chinese
i added hair!!=))
and thickened the lips

the person had a plastic surgery on the nose, that's why so weird=))and can u see i added piercing too? omg, i changed it to become pai kia
and after ballet, i didnt have time to change, so i just wore my pants and went home
that's my leotard

and during ballet, we are to give a retarded smile. im serious

zen keeps rubbing my leg
wad's that?!? oh oh! it's zen's nose!
and after flag day!!
with my hair's all screwed up
and yes, i did come back with those tarded stickers on
and some ppl did laugh

business over. ta!

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