Thursday, March 6, 2008

yope, 2day was a pretty screwed day

haiz, i got smacked countless times 2day, and all are f*cking painful
i was so pissed, but i told dian 2day that i have to be a good person
so all the stuff bottled up till dance
and mo mo keeps getting thrown on the floor
whenever i drop momo, i drop my calculator as well
i got no time to blog
aiya, cuz i think i have hw
but i spent my time watching ryan's vid.=))
here's one. for those who didnt bother searchinghaha..

=)) pls comment luh

poochi is so mean luh
anw, i went to sch 2day introducing my frens to ryan but
HMPH! they all say until like ughhh
wtf, HECK
nvm, i gtg, BYE

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