Saturday, March 22, 2008

yay, i sort of finished uploading the pics

slept at 2 last nite
cleo did a good job persuading me to go yhope
but the permission needed to go is not there
so i couldnt go ite
anws, i was suppose to do flag day today, but long story, a few of us got transferred to another day. 12 april. 2 days b4 my ballet exam. AHHHH

oh to topic: SPORTS CARNIVAL
i noe ive been typing sports day everywhere
cuz it's the sake of time
u see day & carnival.. of cuz day is shorter=)
ive got loads of weird logics
went to queenstown stadium
met amanda, chin yin and... i 4got her name, but i noe who she is
then we walk to the stadium
i wore my fucking small curie shirt over the chingay shirt
cuz like im suppose to
haiz, the chingay shirt is for the mass dance
so it was quite hawt

and then we started taking pics!!
amanda has more i think. confirm
meow. eh no, RAHHHH. we're the tiger yo
i look like sec one rite. cuz that bloody curie shirt is damn small pls. like hugging my bod

amanda, rachael and jou teng. if u can see, xiu's bhind. hhaa
me and chio cleo=))

if u cant help but say i look really weird. i still cant find the right word yet, then go ahead.
maybe i look kinda plastic, or fake, or cheena. i don noe!! help me. im waiting for it to grow
6 bucks. it hurts. but the service was pretty good. the lady was friendly

but its more obvious that i move my eyebrows!!

ok, this doesnt seem that obvious

from top left: glenda, celeste, geraldine, amelia, me

he close his eyes on purpose luh
the cam!! at marina square
melia keep saying damn sad, cuz we fail
she expects guys to come up and ask for our number (the whole dance grp)
but no one did, so she felt damn failure. HAHHA
AT FACE SHOP. the colours we tried
runaway kid

oh i luv the stairs
pretend im those 'elegant' women that walk down those stairs. no? yes, u cant imagine that
oh look at wad i saw
sry melia. hee
part 1
part 2. when we broke up. nah, i don have a bf

that's an apple
chocolate delice. the super sweet one

i must get use to this eye brow


step up 2

go watch it

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