Saturday, March 29, 2008

what are you doing now? update status here...
'im producing much heat. hawhaw'
(from face book, and really, it's still active ON ITS OWN)

im like meijee's gummies too=))
i don mean meijee my dance junior though
oh oh, went to ACJC fun o rama 2day
why izzit fun o rama?
HAHA, cool name
oh, their sch seems really grand and big when u first get in
but after a while, it gets some sort boring
maybe cuz haven explore the whole place
we wanted to go to the haunted house
fyi, there were 3, and it looks freaking cool cuz it looks really scary
it costs 10 bucks
and the queue was really long
i think if we at least went to one (but not enough money)
it'll be more interesting
anws, amanda geraldine regina jouteng li min sharon sarah(sharon's fren) joan
oh i saw mo mo too!!
she agrees, it's kinda boring after a while
didnt manage to see ivandy though
i walked pass his boarding sch, look like resort pls
oh, acjc also building sports hall
and their's the design is so nice
haiz, i feel like going to acjc, but it's kinda far...
anws, met up with see wei too, but i lost her somehow
then, i just spent that 10 bucks on food and drinks
geraldine was damn cute

she was playing this water game
and she got wet
poor thing
then we just keep going back to the same place
the stairs facing the field
nice field btw
and we saw alot of crescentians too!
and our dance SENIORS!!!!!!!
and that sch has alot of hawt guys too
i swear

does it look real??
say yes=))

u noe bao hui and ye jing fell for it
HAHAH, they were like omg
i love it
but some were asking my wound cant be that glittery
cuz i use this shiny red



room 401...
who watches that? from MTV
omfg, it's damn gross
it some kind of practical and weird prank they play on others
like it so freaking real
they dig stomachs, freeze their body
break arms
and they all look like it really happened to them
it's reallllllllllllyyyyyyy freaky
but i enjoy watching
not cuz im sadis luh, cuz i noe it's fake though it looks SHO real
i just realize i do own alot of acc
jia yue told smita im very internet active
i just discover my nuffnang acc and crunchy roll acc

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