Sunday, March 30, 2008


went to visit my grandpa 2day
the whole place jammed up
the jam took up 45 mins of our time
then when we reach lck
we just waited at the cemetery
there were so many ppl
aiya, it was quite boring so nvm

the blue damn cool rite=)
ehh, my fingers look kinda short
=& vomit luh. this looks like shit
our 4 sacred test tubes.....
IN LOVE WITH LITMUS PAPER!!! i just need to play with them every time tic-tac, the best choice. it contains the rubbish found in my bag
zen luh
say ouch=)) or omg. aiya, u should noe it's fake already
zen's sexy pose. woooooo

it doesnt LOOK dat bad right. trust me, my cam sucks that's all. but when we wanted to get home, it was a breeze. and we saw how long that jam stretched too. REALLY FKING FAR. maybe 2km or more(i don noe how long is 2km, eh wait, it's longer then 2.4km run!!). just keeps going
pretty pretty lotus. cant imagine me taking that. i love taking pretty things. MUAHAHAAHA
those who watch channel 8 9pm show. u noe the vat? HAHAHA. it's look kinda similar, so i took it. but no dragons. if not i jump into the pond and bring it home
oh messyyy. actually i told my mum to tie scorpian. then she did, but i messed it up by sleeping

i slept at 3 last nite
woke up at 7
see luh
keep extending the time
then i lack of sleep
nah jk. that 2 hrs just went by fast
cuz we were having fun=)))
HAHA. i mean talking on the phone
oh yeah, another thing i thot of 2day
i use to think that my hair colour would change to brown when i grow older
when i use to go out with my parents, i look at those adults' hair
then i was thinking: why are their hair so brown?
maybe next time when i grow up, it'll become like that too
that's when i noe something called dying ur hair
cuz my hair's kinda brown, those who hang out with me IN THE SUN
yeah, then can see
so i was thinking if since now my hair is dark brown, maybe it'll be light brown when i grow up!!=)))
alrite, that's freaking dumb huh
have a great day erm, or night
p.s: im having doubts. am i starting to ___ you?

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