Saturday, March 8, 2008


i think he's cute
actually, ive been saying that in the past posts right?
but who cares? i love him omg
maybe bcuz he has thick eyebrows?
i like guys with attractive eye brows
and maybe braces
after ryan, i think guys with braces are maybe slightly cuter
i don noe. i just keep watching that braces vid everyday
ok. but he looks cute in braces, but hawt without them
ok fine, i noe u guys hate me going overly obessessed, but cant help it!
i shall stop

anyways, went to PHS carnival today
skip all the boring parts, then i went to melia's church
haha, ok, im not that mean luh
winnie tan was our (xiu and me) tour guide of the day
then anw, we just spent the 10 bucks on food and drinks
then i went to habour front to meet melia to go to pphbc


her sis. xiu rong
me and xiu. ahhaa i love her spasticness
anw, we...
erm, ok, went to church and had fun
alrite, that will do
and we had games rite
the last game was to tear out alphabets to form a phrase
this is the phrase. and we won
yeah, i noe u cant read. cuz some letters are quite small... -_- even i cant read wad melia took.
and it somehow reminds me of this shirt
btw, we won whatever
i mean the drink itself

wad melia formed 'love a myth' she thinks it's emo. so she formed it. like wth??
and wad i formed. haha, i didnt have time to find 'ryan'. cuz they were gonna pack up the place already. LOVE HIGA

oh yeah, she treated me to dinner
=)) thanks bimbo
we ate at food court btw
and yeah, i went home

and my mum scolded me. she expected me to be home by 8.30. but i reached home at 9

yeah...... wadeva
the place where im pressing is where my ulcer is
it's freaking painful!!
especially on fri, i couldnt open my mouth too big and had difficutly brushing my teeth
it just bloody hurts alot
and my melted hersheys. bought it from yck's mrt cheers. it's gross, really. if u press it
and i got this from jessica! she's sweet=)

anws, i was going home by train
then i saw this family of.. 1.. 2... 5..6...7... 8
yeah 8
plus the maid
so they have like 5 kids
it was quite a er... nice sight
haha rubbish

oh and u noe last time our mrt card has those small small holes in it?
as in, there's only one
at the corner.
if u don remember, this is how it looks like... I GUESSSanws, my pt is that. i just remembered i used to use that hole to peep at stuffs i feel weird looking at directly
for example, couples, i was just scared that if i look at them then they see me looking, they'll bash me up, yeah stupid.....
so i used that small little hole to do so, (thinking it'll cover my face and not let them noe im peeping looking at them )

im creating myspace acc

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