Tuesday, March 11, 2008

this is my 501st posts

eee, sucker, i was uploading my photo
then the next batch is the pasta face one
then blogger suddenly got prob
yay, omg, my phone now alot of songs name
one day i took down alot=))
anw, i have to rush for dinner already, gtg!!

in da lift. why this pose, i was urgent
and darkness. free black and white effect. oh, but it's too black

yeah, my fringe's screwed due to the rain
i was walking in the rain 3 times yesterday
2day i walked once. darn it weather
im so gonna get a sore throat

bye bye!

eng lessons 2day was seriously untolerable
i cant stand the boredness, can i pon?
nah, im too guai to do that

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