Friday, March 21, 2008

'STEP UP 2 IS A MUST WATCH. freaking cool!!!! i love those movements. i feel like learning street dancing. haha'
'went to THREAD eyebrow 2day. PAINFUL. and now look weird'
'sry my pics are small. i'll take few hours to upload all if i upload the bigger sizes'
'im 3/4 way thru uploading all, give me more time'
'im really busy these few days, sry for the late posts!'

'i suck at trying to play with helium'

ok, now i can officially start blogging
actually no, uploading the pics took way too much time
my mum will scold me of i don get to bed soon, yeah mummy's girl=)
and so, went out with amanda 2day
went to little india to thread eyebrow first
OMGAWD. it hurts alot (first time)
says it will last longer like tat
and i look older and like a china doll with those new brows
cuz it's much thinner
i cant get use to it yet
so don freak out when u see me on mon
my previous brows makes me look blur rite
this one makes me look....
aiya, i don noe
cuz the other one was bushy, then suddenly so thin. mmmm
then we went to ps and walk around
then took train to somerset
why, cuz it was raining
not bcuz we were lazy
then went cine to buy tickets for.... STEP UP 2!!
it was awesome
felt like dancing after the show
then we ate at swensons b4 the show
so full luh
and one bottle of green tea costs 3.10 there
i was like WTH
twice the usual price
then went coffee club after the show
ate chocolate delice

wanted to go amanda's house but my mum say meet her at sunplaza
so bla bla
im home

anws, sports carnival was a blast, would elaborate more next time
it was all bout cam-whoring
loads of pics
here are some!!

xiu, me, rachael and jou teng
aishah, amanda yew, dian, me and ZOEY!!
zoey looks damn cute here luh. haha amanda loves close shots-_-

WU JIA!! i met her only after the whole thing
face paint!!
and kai min zilian
heyy monkey
while singing the sch song, i swear
i think we were the only one fidgeting
HAHA, WHO CARES LUH. taking pics during sch song is cool
say 'jia yue is very cute'
NISA, ME, JY AND ZOEY. nisa!!! tell me

sharon and amanda. the talls
damn it, i cant kiss u from so far

the helium balloon
me cleo amanda!! cleo is so photogenic, omgawd

loser. ahahaha

me and cleo!!! she's so chio!! she's obsessed with photography as i heard. someone should take a pic of her taking pictures, damn stylo. haaha
finally, melia
im taking pics with everyone with face paint

the bimbos;)

me and melia
i ask joan to take this pic. cuz they say there's white thing on my butt, i wanted to see how white. my butt's not sexy

say it, i noe u want to "omg, shuzhen!! u look like a nerdy sec 1!" yes i do. outside marina square
TRUST ME. it was damn hot. glaring sun. i wonder how amanda is able to open her eyes

the grass is quite poky but counted soft already

don ask me why all same post. im protecting my eyes from the sun!!
i tried, but i cant open my eyes
JOAN AND ME! it's the sun's fault that i look so white
then we splited and i went with melia
shit, where was this??

then we went toy r us to buy bubbles!! at suntec.
the bubbles just covered my face, the best

then we bought candy floss, the worst ive eaten. after eating, we went toilet to wash our hand. that's when we realize the candy floss had colouring. YUCK. make my tongue so pink
hello, im from outer space
we do look alike rite
BLANK. at melia's condo's brigde. that's where petrina and cleo stays too!!

then i walk to my ah ma house. cuz melia's house is near to my ah ma house too
gor and me

melia painted for me. we went to face shop to buy
sexy xiang

gtg, really


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